20 06, 2022

Chemicals and Workplace Safety – How are you protecting your employees?


At one time or other, you and your co-workers have received some sort of training on "Hazard Chemicals”, alerting you to the chemicals in use at your worksite. But everyone should review this information now and then, as a reminder of the need to be cautious. Hazards from chemicals and other materials are everywhere we [...]

Chemicals and Workplace Safety – How are you protecting your employees?2022-10-20T23:50:24+11:00
20 06, 2022

Breaking Down The Cost Of Compliance


Ensuring that your staff are safe on the worksite, and that your business is in compliance with regulation, is an investment. However, given the costs involved for shirking your responsibilities in this area, the costs of compliance are better seen as a money-saving investment.   Workplace injuries cost a massive $61.8 million in Australia each [...]

Breaking Down The Cost Of Compliance2022-10-20T23:30:19+11:00
1 06, 2022

How to properly prepare staff for a hazard site


There are many factors that might result in a work site being considered a potentially hazardous one. Whether that be a site that involves exposed wires and live electrical currents, or even has a risk for arc flashes, a site that features hazardous chemicals, or one that involves working from heights, you need to be [...]

How to properly prepare staff for a hazard site2022-08-18T16:21:37+10:00
1 06, 2022

Setting the right SWMS example:


The Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a regulatory requirement for high-risk worksites. But there’s a bit of confusion around just what they are, what they do, and why they’re important. Because they are regulatory requirements, many people wonder whether they need to get the professionalsinvolved, or whether simply following a SWMS example template is [...]

Setting the right SWMS example:2022-06-01T15:55:18+10:00


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