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18 02, 2019

Working On or Near Exposed Energised Conductors Policy


Background Workplace Health & Safety is a fundamental tenet of the electrical contracting industry. Safety in the workplace is a priority for NECA, given the nature of the work carried out by electrical industry employees whilst working on the construction, maintenance or repair of homes and buildings. The potential workplace dangers for workers within the [...]

Working On or Near Exposed Energised Conductors Policy2020-03-31T01:06:34+11:00
18 02, 2019

Arc Flash Protection


Introduction When working, testing or fault finding on energised electrical equipment, a fault current of up to 20 times the rated current of the supply transformer can flow for short duration during fault conditions. Arcs can have the energy to cause an explosion and/or melt metallic switchboard cubicles and equipment. Arcs may cause severe burns [...]

Arc Flash Protection2020-03-16T23:02:26+11:00
18 01, 2019

The Dangers of Falling Tools


Between 2012 and 2016, there was a total of 122 fatalities caused by falling objects.   Objects dropped from height have the ability to quickly generate impact force. Not only can the initial impact of a dropped object cause harm by penetrating the body, it can also ricochet and turn into a projectile, creating a [...]

The Dangers of Falling Tools2020-03-31T00:16:10+11:00
24 09, 2018

EcoTek™ Biodegradability Technology


EcoTek™ is an important technology SW has developed in support of global sustainability initiatives. The new technology dramatically accelerates biodegradability of our nitrile gloves ultimately in landfills.   Gloves are the Same, Only Better: SW nitrile gloves updated with EcoTek Biodegradability Technology deliver the same performance and comfort as the non-EcoTek gloves, but are rapidly [...]

EcoTek™ Biodegradability Technology2020-02-24T10:12:15+11:00
6 09, 2018

The importance of specialist hand protection in custodial and janitorial applications


Cleaning professionals, including custodial staff and janitors working in residential, commercial and industrial environments, are at constant risk of injury and illness because of routine exposure to dangerous chemical substances. Employers are obliged to ensure a safe workplace that minimises present risks, so safety policy should: stipulate the use of less hazardous chemical solutions (where [...]

The importance of specialist hand protection in custodial and janitorial applications2020-03-31T00:55:47+11:00
14 08, 2018

Why is NECA involved with ARC rated clothing?


One of our member’s employees Patrick was injured on 4th October 2012 when he accidentally created a short circuit which propagated into an Arc Flash and suffered burns to 95% of his body, after a clothing fire. He died on 6th January 2013 as a result of complications of burns. He had a wife and [...]

Why is NECA involved with ARC rated clothing?2020-03-31T01:02:05+11:00
10 08, 2018

Five things all employers should know about Australian Height Safety Laws


Working at height is one of the leading causes of fatalities and major injuries in the workplace. ‘Working at height’ means working in any place where, if there were no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. In Australia, falls account for about 11% of deaths in the [...]

Five things all employers should know about Australian Height Safety Laws2020-02-24T10:13:59+11:00


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