SWMS: What electricians need to know

If you run an electrician’s business, then there’s every chance that you’ll frequently need to complete SWMS documents. Because these documents are so critically important, many electricians purchase NECA SWMS for electricians, for the peace of mind that these documents provide.

What is a SWMS?

SWMS stands for Safe Work Method Statement, and it’s a pretty descriptive title. Basically, any time that you or your employees are undergoing work that meets one or more of the criteria that the Australian government classifies as high risk (you can find the full list of those criteria here), you need to complete a SWMS, showing that you acknowledge the high risk nature of the work, and demonstrating that you’re taking steps to mitigate against those risks.

The requirement to complete a SWMS is part of your WHS obligations, and therefore it’s important to make sure that the document is legally comprehensive and thorough.


NECA SWMS are truly industry-leading template documents. Each has been written by the resident electrical safety expert at NECA, Owen Leslie. Through his many years of experience and expertise, Leslie has obtained a Diploma in WHS, and has been honoured as the WHS Champion by Hunter Safety Awards. He writes the SWMS templates with close consultation across the safety regulator, electrical network distributors, construction companies and electrical contractors.

It’s important to understand that the NECA SWMS documents are not in themselves a guarantee that you’ve met your regulatory obligations – see the disclaimer note below for more information. Rather, they’re the substantial starting point, giving you the basic information that you need. As each work site is different, and will have unique challenges and environments, it’s important that you also engage closely with your employees and partners to tailor the document and ensure that everyone is on board with their safety obligations.

You will save significant time and money in investing in NECA SWMS for electricians. Designing and drafting any legal document can be a lengthy and expensive process, so by engaging with NECA’s SWMS, you cut much of the work out immediately.

It’s also incredibly simple to use! Simply jump on to the folder creator tool and select whatever documents you need from the NECASafe library. You’re able to customise them by attaching your logo and a few other details, and thenwe will then quote, print and deliver the folders. These safety folders can be used for employees, vehicles or site safety folders. You can even attach your own documentation to be included in the folder.

The quote itself is entirely free, too, to give you full transparency in the process. Jump on over to the NECA Safety Folder Creator Tool for a free quote, or feel free to call us.

Important Disclaimer Information

The documents in this pack are not aimed to meet all of your legislative requirements, but assist you in establishing an initial Safe Work Method Statement framework that can be built upon over time.

In NECA Generic SWMSs, we wish to draw your attention to your responsibilities as a person conducting a business undertaking (PCBU), you are responsible for reviewing and implementing the NECA Generic SWMS into your own safety management system. As the PCBU, you must ensure that a safe work method statement (SWMS) are suitable or amended prepared prior to commencing any high-risk construction work, and that the work is done in accordance with the SWMS, which must be kept for the duration of the work.

Other responsibilities include:

A PCBU must also ensure that workers have received induction and consultation of the Generic SWMS before undertaking any construction work, and a site induction before commencing work on a specific site.
A PCBU must ensure that Generic SWMS are to be reviewed, and revised if necessary, if the high-risk construction work changes or if there is any reason to believe that risk control measures are not adequate.
NECA Does not guarantee that supplied Generic SWMS will pass all principal contractor or builders SWMS review process. Amendments may need to be made to suit principal contractor or builder requirements. * Amendments can be made by NECA for additional cost.
The National Electrical and Communications Association, its employees, officers and agents do not accept any liability for the results of any action taken in reliance upon, based on or in connection with NECA Generic SWMS.  To the extent legally possible, the National Electrical and Communications Association, its employees, officers and agents disclaim all liability arising by any breach of any duty in tort (including negligent mis-statement) or as a result of any errors or omissions contained in these document