AS3000 Wiring Rules Booklet

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Electrical Installations Wiring Rules

(Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules)

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This Standard sets out requirements for the design, construction and verification of electrical installations, including the selection and installation of electrical equipment forming part of such electrical installations.
These requirements are intended to protect persons, livestock, and property from electric shock, fire and physical injury hazards that may arise from an electrical installation that is used with reasonable care and with due regard to the intended purpose of the electrical installation.
In addition, guidance is provided so that the electrical installation will function correctly for the purpose intended and takes into account mitigating the foreseeable adverse effects of disruption to supply.

Comprises two parts:

  • Part 1 provides provisions that constitute the minimum regulatory requirements for a safe electrical installation.
  • Part 2 provides work methods and installation practices that are ‘deemed to comply’ with the requirements of Part 1 and are intended to achieve certainty of compliance with the requirements of Part 1
  • Guidance is provided in appendices
  • Available in Hardcopy (A5 Spiral bound)
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AS3000 Wiring Rules Booklet