What IS “Arc Rated Clothing?”
Some professions have highly specialized needs in terms of clothing, in order to allow the professionals to do their jobs safely and securely. One such example of this is jobs that require Arc rated shirts, pants, overalls, and other items of clothing.

Electricians need Arc rated clothing. An electrical arching fault – an “Arc Flash,” is a real risk to electricians, as Arc Flashes create a great deal of energy, which is sufficient to cause serious burns or ignite flammable materials – including clothing. In order to allow electricians to deal with these Arc Flashes safely, protective clothing was developed to minimize the impact of coming into close proximity to one.

Unlike regular cotton protective clothing, which is untreated to be fire retardant, and therefore can catch fire and continue to burn (causing greater injury to the wearer as a result), Arc rated clothing is manufactured to strict standards that mean it will self-extinguish, once the Arc has been dealt with, minimizing any damage done to the wearer.

Your Source For Arc Rated Protective Clothing
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If you have any questions about whether you need Arc rated clothing in your work environment, feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

Care Instructions for ARC Rated Clothing
It is important that your ARC clothing is carefully maintained in order to preserve its protective properties. Click here to download the care and washing instructions for ARC Rated Clothing.