Switching Suits

In any area where there is the risk of arc flashes, there is no room for compromises with protective gear. NECA’s range of flame resistant clothing and high-visibility switching suits (HV switching suit) will give you peace of mind that your people are being protected to the highest standard.

Each piece of flame resistant clothing that we sell has been designed to provide unparalleled protection from the thermal effects of an arc flash. Switching suits are a solution that provides head-to-toe burn protection. Additionally, our HV switching suit options are particularly safety-focused given that many of the environments where an arc flash is a risk are also difficult from a visibility perspective.

What does head-to-toe protection look like?

A HV switching suit should include a coat and bib overalls, as well as a protective hood that will fully cover the head, face, and neck. Naturally, this all should be flame resistant clothing, constructed with the finest, most durable, and robust materials possible.

Finally, comfort is an important quality of a good HV switching suit. Most of the environments where these suits are required are spaces in which mobility is important, and an uncomfortable suit that inhibits movement would itself be a hazard.

There are various standards that apply to guarantee the safety of a HV switching suit and flame resistant clothing. You can be sure that when you purchase a HV switching suit from NECA that it will meet those standards, and that your employees can go about the work secure in the knowledge that you have invested in their safety.

Why you can trust NECA

NECA are the leading specialists in all forms of protective wear, including the HV switching suit and various other forms of flame resistant clothing. We are razor-focused in protecting the people that work in the most high-risk environments, and we believe completely in the need that every employee have access to properly certified, proven protective wear.

We also understand that cost-effectiveness is important, and that good protection shouldn’t be expensive. We work closely with our suppliers to make sure that we’re able to offer this critical equipment at an appropriate price. As an added benefit, because we only stock the most durable and proven clothing, by buying equipment from us, you will need to replace it less frequently, saving you significantly in the long term.

More than just HV switching suit retailers and flame resistant clothing specialists, at NECA we also take our role in helping our customers seriously. We work to inform and educate on safety, and bring our expertise to the market in such a way that we become a value-adding partner to your business.

For more information on any of our products, or to speak to an expert on your safety wear needs, please contact us on 1300 420 192.


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