Fire And Spill Protection You Can Rely On
In addition to having highly durable, flame retardant, and tough workwear, every site should, as a point of safety (and OH&S compliance) have a fire extinguisher, or multiple fire extinguishers on site, as well as fire blankets and kits.

A fire can quickly burn out of control, so it’s essential to have these tools handy so as to quickly douse any flames that spring up before they can become an issue. At Neca, we carry a range of fire extinguishers and fire blankets and kits that can cope with any situation.

From a small, light, and highly portable 1KG Abe Fire Extinguisher, through to a more robust 9KG for more fire-prone environments, our fire extinguishers are affordable, but highly reliable, and conform to all relevant industry and compliance regulations.

In addition, we have fire blankets of a variety of sizes, absorbent pads, and hazardous material kits that will help you to identify, contain, and warn people about an environment that becomes dangerous for whatever reason.

What fire prevention equipment do I need?
If you have any queries or concerns about what sizes are right for your workplace environment, speak to us! Generally, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and stock an excess of fire prevention equipment, but whether you feel better with a number of smaller fire extinguishers around the place, or a larger, centralized one, really depends on the kind of business that you’re running, and what your risk profile looks like. For this, the expert team at Neca can help you to understand your needs.

Always conduct an audit to properly understand that risk profile before acquiring fire extinguishers and fire blankets and kits. That way you’ll be best prepared, with the right equipment, if an emergency specific to your workplace arises.


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