NECAs 3 Safety Management Systems

Is your Safety manual collecting dust on the shelf? Or are you taking hours to prepare your safety documents for a tender or a new job? Perhaps it’s time to get a system that does the hard work for you. NECA has a choice of 3 different Safety management systems to fit any budget and use.

NECA offers a free consultation at your site to demonstrate any of the safety management systems. To take control of your Work Health and Safety, Call Now 02 9002 7426.

Safety STAR is NECA NSW, ACT & Tasmania’s members free safety management system available on our TKB platform. Safety STAR is a safety management system suitable for small contracting businesses. Safety Star provides up to date pre-written and executable plans and templates that are customised for the electrical industry making you look professional from a safety perspective. Safety STAR is completely editable that can be quickly prepared and used on each construction site.

Safety STAR is the most popular service the WHS department provides with about 50 businesses downloading the safety system every month.

Safety STAR already provides:

18 Safety, Quality and environmental Policies
2 Safety Management Procedures manuels
46 Safe Working Procedures
51 Forms
141 Toolbox Talk Topics

If you have not checked out Safety STAR it is about time you do and see for yourself the amount of free resources are available to our members.

For non-NECA-members you can purchase this product without joining NECA below

Safety Gen is an affordable safety management system document pack that creates site-specific forms and SWMS in minutes. Anything from full safety management plans with all the forms tailored to a client or a SWMS pack with site address, company logo, principle contractor details. Safety GEN will pull up-to-date safety templates from the cloud, the user than defines the content variables. It then quickly generates accurate, compliant documents.

Safety GEN is a tool for search and replaces operations over multiple files. You can apply ordinary “word by word” replacement, fully-featured regular expressions, or choose to change pictures /logos. Safety GEN was created out of the need to change the layout safety manuals to meet site-specific or auditing needs.

Builders will often ask electricians to provide safety documentation. They will either ask for just SWMS or they might ask for a safety management plan. These documents need to be site specific and normally contain multiple documents. If the electrician needs to submit 20 documents to the builder, normally the electrician would open the document, search and replace the variables in that document, save the document to a new folder, repeat 19 more times, compress the files and then send to the builder. This can take up to 2 hours, depending on how quick you are with a computer. With Safety GEN you input the variables, drag and drop a logo, generate and share. This completes the same task in about 2 mins.

Different document packages or the safety manual arrange in different ways allows the electrician to generate a set of documents depending on the challenges they face that day. It may be a CM3 audit, an internal Induction, SWMS for builders, HR or legal documents, or a site-specific safety management plan. 2mins and it’s done.

Safety ELITE is NECA’s’s premium package for those businesses serious about managing safety. The combination of the Software, Documentation, and face-to-face support/training from NECA provides business with the most unobstructed pathway to compliance or even triple JAZ/ANZ certification.

Safety ELITE is:

Paperless – Featuring easy to use, cloud-based software, Interactive Dashboards, and Mobile Apps. The multi-device connectivity offers real-time office to field communications.
Compliant – It typically address areas of an Australian or international standards such as AS/NZS 4801, SafetyMap or ISO18001, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.
Contract free – No lock-in contracts. Opt-out at any time while preserving all of your data

Safety ELITE is packed with features and services. It is a cost-effective subscription-based safety management system designed for a small and large business. Complete with integrated safety procedure documents and hazard incident reporting to help you improve your workplace safety.

Safety ELITE helps you track audit and workplace inspections with a workflow process to remind you when things need to get done.

It puts the Safety manual into the pocket of all your workers.

Onsite, it allows worker to:

Access their SWMS
Complete Pre-Start Checklist and risk assessment
Record meetings and toolbox talks
Log incidents and hazards
Check euipment test dates and calibration status
Complete workplace inspections
Maintain training records

All from their mobile phone

Safety ELITE works for any business or trade in the construction industry. It has also been especially helpful to ASP level 1 and 2 electrical contractors who are using Safety ELITE to help them gain and maintain accreditation and win jobs.


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