Electrical Lockout Kit

Safety in the workplace extends beyond clothing. For those working with electricity, a critical part of safety is having access to a properly-equipped electrical lockout kit, which allows the engineer or electrician to operate safe in the knowledge that all equipment has been safely isolated and locked off before they commence to work on it.

NECA carries every electrical lockout kit that you might need, from the small, personal kits, to an electrical lockout kit with all the tools to protect the team from a complex electrical environment.

What an electrical lockout kit will include

What a lockout kit might include can vary depending on the purpose of it, but common features that you’ll see in the NECA kits include:

  • Keyed-alike padlocks to simplify key management for sites that have multiple employees. As per health requirements, each employee should be the only one with a key to a particular padlock.
  • Lockouts that will work on most circuit breakers, electrical plugs, and disconnect switches.
  • Informative tags and the like to better communicate the status of a site with others.

Additionally, the cases themselves need to be a combination of highly portable, for easy access and transport around a site, and highly durable, to protect the contents inside. These kits will often be brought into challenging environments, so your employees need to know that they’re up to the task.

Why you can trust NECA

Being compliant on site often relies on having the appropriate and properly-stocked lockout kits. With NECA, you can be certain that our complete focus on helping our customers meet their regulatory requirements means that every electrical lockout kit that we carry has met and exceeded every regulatory requirement.

NECA are safety specialists. This applies to our extensive range of protective clothing, which ranges from flame to chemical resistant. But it also applies to how we work with each of our customers. For us, it’s not just about selling products. Our goal is to help each and every one of our customers meet their obligations to their employees and their regulatory requirements.

We only select the leading products in their categories, and we undergo a rigorous due diligence process to make sure that each item meets our stringent requirements. You can be sure that everything in your electrical lockout kit will function exactly as intended when you need it to.

For more information on any of our products, or to speak to an expert on your safety wear needs, please contact us on 1300 420 192.