Your #1 Resource For Industrial Work Gloves
On any industrial site, it is absolutely critical to mind hand safety. The hands are the part of the body that is used for work the most, and thus they are constantly put into high risk situations as a result. For people working on these sites, damage to the hands is not just an inconvenience, it can result in a loss of work and livelihood. Industrial workers come to NECA for their work safety gloves to protect their hands, their jobs, and their lives.

We carry the largest range of high-quality industrial hand gloves in the country. Whether you need leather protection gloves, hi-vis gloves, or cut protection gloves, we have you covered, and regardless of what kind of environment you’re working in, we’ll have a pair of gloves to suit your needs.

One of the things that often surprises us is that people are unaware that different industrial environments require the use of different gloves. Pairing the wrong gloves with your environment may still result in an increased risk of damage, as the gloves are not designed for your particular environment. As the experts in safety wear, at NECA we’re familiar not just with the gloves that we stock, but also the most effective use of them, so if you’re unsure about which gloves you need for your workspace, feel free to contact us to discuss further.

When it comes to your hands, one thing you never want to do is compromise safety. There are cut-price workwear brands that won’t provide the kind of safety that you want. One thing we don’t compromise on at NECA is the quality of the brands that we carry. While we maintain competitive pricing for all our gloves, you can be sure that in purchasing a pair from us, you are also getting the highest safety standards available.


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