Air Conditioning Refrigeration SWMS Bundle

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Suitable for electrotechnology trades including:


Compliant in all Australian States and New Zealand

This product includes the following documents in Style A and B:

How NECA can assist with your air conditioning SWMS

The Australian government takes the health and safety of workers in potentially dangerous environments very seriously, and this sometimes applies to those working with air conditioning. Protecting your people with an air conditioning SWMS is an essential health and safety requirement. The air con SWMS is a key document for all employers in meeting this regulatory requirements is known as the SWMS. Each air con SWMS will be unique to both your business and the work site, but the NECA air conditioning SWMS is the ideal foundation to get started.

What is an air con SWMS?

“SWMS” stands for “Safe Work Method Statement” and it is needed when your people are working on any one of 18 tasks that the Australian government considers to be high risk (for the full list of high-risk activities, visit the Safe Work Australia website). They’re not onerous, but they do need to be comprehensive and complete as a regulatory and legal matter, so, if your people are working with air conditions in these conditions, you’ll want to organise the NECA air con SWMS first.

Protect your people with the right air conditioning SWMS

NECA can provide you with the foundational air con SWMS template document, however, the document then needs to be constructed in collaboration with every stakeholder in the project, as project leaders through to workers need to be aware of the identified high risks, and the best practices in mitigating against those risks.

The benefit to making use of NECA air conditioning SWMS is that you know that is has been drafted by a true expert. Owen Leslie is an electrical safety expert with a Diploma in WHS, and has been honoured with the WHS Champion award from Hunter Safety Awards. The SWMS documents that Leslie drafts have been written in close consultation with Safety Regulators, Electrical Network distributors, Construction companies and Electrical contractors, so by buying the air con SWMS template from us you gain access to robust and precise documents that recognise the common needs that specific verticals need of the SWMS.

How can I acquire the air conditioning SWMS?

This product includes the following documents in Style A and B:

High Risk Construction Work (HRCW) SWMS

  • Electrical SWMS
  • Work at Heights SWMS
  • Asbestos SWMS
  • Overhead Powerlines SWMS
  • Silica SWMS
  • Refrigerants SWMS
  • Extreme Temperature SWMS

General Trade SWMS

  • General Trade SWMS
  • Ladder SWMS
  • Restraint and Fall Arrest Equipment SWMS
  • Restricted Spaces SWMS
  • Hot Works SWMS

Air Conditioning Refrigeration 

  • Installation of Split System Air Conditioners SWMS
  • Installation of Ducted Air Conditioners SWMS
  • Installation of Refrigeration Equipment SWMS
  • Maintenance of Air Conditioners SWMS

Electrical SWMS

  • Cable Installation SWMS
  • Radio Frequency Hazards (RF) SWMS

Additional Documents

  • Safe Work Method Statement Letter

Need more information?

Contact NECA today if you would like more information on air conditioner SWMS. Our team of experts are always available to discuss with you safety best practices, and how our leading air con SWMS templates are the ideal starting point in making sure you hit all of your regulatory requirements.

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