Electrical Isolation SWMS

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Electrical isolation processes including preparation for electrical work, site set and use of tools and equipment, working on or near asbestos, isolation principles, identification and assessment of energy sources and isolation points, risk assessment, planning, safety observer, confirming and recording phase rotation, (LOTO), proving de-energisation, working on de-energised equipment, leaving unfinished work, confirming on return, restoring power and records, and low voltage arc control. Includes PPE Table.

  • Instant Download in MS Word format
  • Fully Editable

Suitable for electrotechnology trades including:

Compliant in all Australian States and New Zealand

This product includes the following documents:

  • Electrical Isolation SWMS
  • Job Safety Analysis / SWMS Cover Sheet
  • Safe Work Method Statement Letter

SWMS should be simple and easy to understand. At NECA we also understand the Subcontractors must prepare their SWMS to suit head contractors’ formats and wanted to make this easier for you guys, so our new SWMS format now comes in 2 styles:

Style A – Green in colour, will be the simplest format that closely resembles the Safe Work Australia SWMS template. Everything not needed in a SWMS has been removed and stripped out. These are designed to be easier to read for your employees.

Style B – Pink in Colour, is a more complex format with addition information added to help members pass their principal contractors SWMS checklist.

Both formats hold the same safety content, they It just provide you with a better starting point, closer to what your head contractors wants today. This saves you time and headaches.

The documents in this pack are not aimed to meet all your legislative requirements but assist you in establishing an initial Safe Work Method Statement framework that can be built upon over time.

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