Low Voltage Rescue Kit

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This low voltage rescue kit has been specifically designed for the safe rescue of personnel working in low voltage switchboards and electrical installations. It contains all the tools necessary under such circumstances, from first aid, to temporary signage, and lighting equipment. All wrapped up in a bag that is both lightweight and weatherproof.

The low voltage rescue kit complies with Australian Standard 4836 for safe working on or near low voltage electrical installations

The low voltage rescue kit contains:

  • Bag Orange Weatherproof PVC with Reflective Strip & Contents Tag
  • Blanket – Thermal
  • Burns Dressing – Multi Trauma 91cm x 20cm
  • Burn Relief Pad 10cm x 10cm
  • Burns Treatment Card A6
  • Fire Blanket 1.2M x 1.8M (AS/NZS 3504)
  • Gloves – Insulated 1000V Size 11 (AS 2225)
  • Insulated LV Rescue Hook
  • Resuscitation CPR Mask
  • Sign – “Isolate Here in Emergency” 30cm x 22.5cm
  • Torch LED 2AA Batteries
  • Inspection and Content Card inside

Product Specification Sheet 

The complete low voltage rescue kit

NECA recommends the Brady low voltage rescue kit, as an ideal solution that will meet and exceed your safety obligations, while also being price-efficient and a highly durable solution.

Why purchase your low voltage rescue kit from NECA?

With NECA, you can be sure that we’ve already gone through the due diligence process. The only stock we carry are products that meet and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements. Whether it’s protective gear, or equipment that should be on-site, NECA has a complete range, featuring only the best.

We understand how important this is, because we’re not just a retailer. We deeply engage across industry to help drive awareness regarding safety and regulation, and our goal is to ensure that every employee on every site is adequately protected. That can’t happen if the equipment they’re using isn’t properly certified and tested.

And, more than just equipment specialists, at NECA we also take our role in helping our customers seriously. We work to inform and educate on safety, and bring our expertise to the market in such a way that we become a value-adding partner to your business. We assist our partners with paperwork and accountability, ensuring that the business policies and practices align with safe working conditions.

Finally, we ensure that safety is cost-effective. While we won’t compromise on our range of safety equipment, we work to ensure that those costs aren’t prohibitive. What’s more, all of our equipment has been designed to last, meaning that you’ll save significantly in the long run on replacement and maintenance costs.

For more information on any of our products, or to speak to an expert on your safety wear needs, please contact us on 1300 420 192.

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