Permits and Permit to Work Procedure

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Permits and Permit to Work Procedure

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Compliant in all Australian States and New Zealand

This safety product includes the following documents for download:

  • WHS Permit Procedures
  • MR-018 Excavation and Trenching Permit
  • MR-020 Confined Space Entry Permit
  • MR–050 Elevated Work Platform Permit
  • MR-051 Roof Access Permit
  • MR–052 Hot Work Permit

The purpose of this procedure is to define a optional safe work system for work being performed onsite to ensure a high standard of protection for people, environment and property.

This procedure or part of this procedure is to be applied at the discretion of Managers, Superivisors or Health & Safety Representatives where they see a need for strict compliance to procedures. This procedure could also be used as a corrective action to a incident, workplace inspection, training or site specific requirments.

This procedure is used to plan and control work, which is considered potentially hazardous, to ensure a common understanding between management, staff, contractor supervisors and contractors who perform the work.

The main objectives of the Permit Procedure:

  • Ensure that all work specified by this procedure conducted onsite is conducted in a manner which is safe and complies with all relevant legislation, standards, codes of practice or relevant industry best practice as a minimum;
  • Co-ordinate all works onsite to ensure that work activities requiring a Permit do not impact on adjacent works, that adequate space for a safe work environment is maintained and that there are no conflicting activities in progress;
  • To ensure that the Applicant accepts all responsibilities associated with the safe execution of works for which the Permit is issued, that the work area has been inspected, existing and potential hazards have been identified, and all necessary precautions have been considered before the work is authorised;
  • Ensure that at the completion of the work, the Permit is returned to the Permit Authoriser and that the work site has been left in a safe condition;
  • Ensure that persons undertaking work have appropriate competencies; and
  • Ensure that the Permit Procedure and related documentation is routinely audited for continuous improvement.
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