Many business owners are confused about whether they need a SWMS document, and is so, how they go about preparing them. The simple answer is this: if you work in an environment that has the potential to be hazardous, then you need an SWMS document. The good news is that they’re not onerous to create, with NECA offering a series of useful SWMS template options to cover every kind of hazardous environmental conditions.


A Safe Work Method Statement document (SWMS document) needs to be constructed in collaboration with every stakeholder in the project when the worker’s health might be at risk, with examples being environments where chemicals might be present, where electricity or fire is a risk, where work will be done at height, and so on. The SWMS document will outline the identified high risks, as well as the best practices in mitigating against those risks.


These documents are a legal and regulatory requirement, and while they aren’t the extent of an employer’s obligations in these risk environments, they are the starting point.


Why you should consider a SWMS template                               

Every workplace is different, and therefore the contents of the SWMS document will vary from site to site, project to project. That’s why a new document will need to be created for each project.

What, then, is the value of the SWMS template? The short answer is that it can save you a lot of time. The benefit to making use of NECA SWMS template documents is that you get the peace of mind that the templates have been drafted by a true expert. Owen Leslie is an electrical safety expert with a Diploma in WHS, and has been honoured with the WHS Champion award from Hunter Safety Awards. These SWMS template documents that Leslie drafts have been written in close consultation with Safety Regulators, Electrical Network distributors, Construction companies and Electrical contractors, so by investing in them you gain access to robust and precise documents that recognise the common needs that specific verticals need of the SWMS.


Why should I engage with NECA for its SWMS template options?

At NECA, we are genuine experts in workplace safety – it is core to everything that we do, and out team is filled with experts that understand the obligations and best practices to an exacting degree. Not only do we offer that proven expertise through our SWMS template options, but we can offer our customers assistance in properly managing these documents, and then sourcing the right equipment that will mitigate against the risks.

Remember: for each site where there is hazard risk, you will need the appropriate SWMS document. Contact our team today to better understand how to get that documentation together, and then start to act on it.