Elliotts is an Australian manufacturer
of PPE and safety gear dedicated to
producing the best safety equipment
on the market. The latest step in this
production is the ArcSafe® X50 range,
the latest in the popular Arc Flash
PPE range ArcSafe® by Elliotts. In the
words of Anthony Elliott, Managing
Director of Elliotts, “It is an exciting
development and offers something that
the industry has been requesting for
some time”.


Elliotts is dedicated to finding the top
of the line equipment that provides
maximum protection as well as comfort.
Arc Flash PPE designs haven’t changed
in many years, with most developers
still making simple garments.


The Elliotts development team have
used their unique knowledge of
creating protective clothing for many
different industries that require PPE,
from structural protective gear to
wildland protective clothing. This
experience has culminated over the
past few years into the ArcSafe®
X50’s design, focused on the wearer’s
mobility and comfort while still
providing optimal protection.


Speaking with Anthony, “We’re very
excited to launch the new ArcSafe®
X50 range to our already successful
selection of ArcSafe® T40 and T9
ranges. We have spent two years,
researching and testing many different
fabrics and fabric combinations before
we finally arrived at the ArcSafe® X50”.


The X50 range includes a full set of arc
flash PPE including jacket, trousers,
coat, and leggings all available with
an optional reflective trim. These
garments are all made from high
visibility etek™ NXT™ and T-Gard®
III Plus thermal liner with an ATPV 52
PPE4 (HRC4).


These protective garments are
designed specifically to maximise
comfort by wicking away moisture from
the body while remaining lightweight
and cool in hot conditions. The bib and
brace trousers are fitted with features
such as articulated knees for optimal
movement, as well as 50mm wide
braces and side tab closures. Similarly,
the jacket and coat have articulated
sleeves as well as underarm gussets
and an action back.


The real trailblazing part of the new
ArcSafe® X50 range is the brand new
ArcSafe® Lift Front Face Shield. This

brand new face shield allows for quick
release of heat and carbon dioxide
and intake of fresh air, and includes an
integrated hard hat.


The X50 Lift Front face shield uses
the latest grey-coloured transparent
face shields to allow for true colour
recognition. Its unique toric lens allows
for greatly improved peripheral vision
and glare reduction, which in turn
reduces eye stress and strain. The X50
Lift Front face shield is also safe to be
worn with prescription eyewear without
risk of distortion.


The face shield is built from a
nanoparticle formula that ensures
the face shield will not be negatively
affected if scratched; however, the
shield is still coated with an abrasionresistant
coating along the front
surface and a permanent anti-fog
coating on the interior.


The hood is designed to provide the
wearer with maximum comfort and

visibility, hence the transparent chin
protector, allowing for more vertical
vision for easy monitoring of your
footing. The hood is also designed
with front and side vents for indirect
ventilation when the shield has been
lowered, releasing carbon dioxide and
heat during use. The hood is further
designed with auditory ports for less
obstructed communication to the front
and sides while the shield is closed.


The X50 face shield, like the rest of
the kit, is available with some optional
extras including an articulated light
mount system on either side of the
shield or two additional rear-mounted
vents for more effective ventilation of
the hood.


The ArcSafe® X50 range is the highest
standards of safety testing, and
Elliotts is proud of the industry-leading
certifications from independent third
parties awarded to the X50 range.
“We have always, not only ensured

our fabrics and fabric assemblies
are tested, but that our completed
garments are also tested. Our hoods
and garments are tested by ArcWear at
Kinectrics High Current Laboratory in
Canada,” says Anthony Elliott.


“Most manufacturers use test reports
supplied by fabric manufacturers, make
up a garment and call it an arc flash
suit. Independent third-party testing of
not only the fabrics but the garments
and hoods provides the wearer with the
confidence that the PPE will provide
the protection it claims”.

The ArcSafe® X50 Range of garments
has been tested to the following

  • ASTM F2178-08 Standard Test
    Method for Determining the Arc
    Rating and Standard Specification
    for Face Protective Products.
  • ASTM F2621-19 Standard
    Practice for Determining Response
    Characteristics and Design
    Integrity of Arc Rated Finished
    Products in an Electric Arc
  • IEC 61482-1-2 – Box Testing Class 2.
  • AS4602.1:2011 High Visibility
    Safety Garments: Garments for
    high risk applications.

The ArcSafe® X50 Fabric Ensemble
has been independently tested by
Kinectrics to:

  •  ASTM F1506 Standards for Flame
    Resistant Fabrics – ASTM F1506.
  • IEC 61482-1 Method A – Fabrics.

The ArcSafe® X50 Performance

  • Arc Rating: ATPV – 52cal/cm;
    PPE4 (HRC4).
  • IEC 61482-1-2 Box Testing – Class 2.
  • AS4602.1:2011 – Class D or D/N.

The ArcSafe® X50 Range by Elliotts
is the next step in the evolution of
the modern arc flash PPE and is
guaranteed to provide the safest
and most comfortable working
conditions for anyone working in an
arc flash risk environment.

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