Queensland Electrical Licensing Committee disciplinary outcomes

Disciplinary action can be taken against electrical licence holders who perform unsafe, negligent or incompetent electrical work. This includes licence cancellation or suspension, fines, or orders for faulty work to be corrected.

The Electrical Licensing Committee held disciplinary hearings in late 2017 reviewing incidents involving 14 licence holders.
Significant cases include:
Case 1
An electrical contractor was installing air conditioning, a new mains box, mains wiring, switchboard wiring, solar panels and battery storage system at a services club. A member of the public was closing a security gate when they received an electric shock to the hand. Investigation revealed the contractor had not completed all mandatory tests and a reverse polarity was not identified leading to the electric shock. The contractor was fined $2,000 and his licence suspended for six months.
Case 2
An electrical contractor who installed numerous solar PV systems with related electrical work was investigated and several non-compliance issues were identified. Of most concern was a DC cable lying across metal trusses without any type of circuit protection. The contractor was fined $1,200 and received a deferred suspension of his licence for six months until completion of competency units UEENEEG175A – Develop compliance policies and plans to conduct an electrical contracting business and UEENEEE101A – Apply Occupational Health and Safety, regulations, codes and practices in the workplace. Within three months the contractor must arrange for an independent third party auditor to confirm adequate electrical safety systems and procedures are in place to ensure compliance with all relevant laws.
Case 3
Two electrical apprentices were installing lighting and needed to terminate low voltage cables at a socket outlet. On completion, the circuit was tested and energised. At a later date, an electrical contractor came into contact with the exposed conductors of a cable, resulting in an electric shock. An investigation found the cable had been mistakenly terminated with other cables at the socket outlet forming part of the lighting system. The cable was intended to operate at extra low voltage, not low voltage. The work was completed by apprentices without supervision from an appropriately licensed person. The electrical contractor supervising the apprentices was fined $1,000 and received a deferred suspension of his licence for six months with conditions.

The Electrical Licensing Committee’s actions are in addition to fines and notices already issued by our inspectors. The Committee meets again on 6 February 2018.